How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

A home and all of its members depends heavily on the efficiency of a specific part of the house that is the kitchen. But, a kitchen, if considered the heart of a home, that pumps energy into the members of a home needs ample maintenance and cleaning. Now let us talk about how we can shorten the time required to do that.

A kitchen needs cleaning. As it pumps out one delicious meal after another, the sinks get stingy stains, the stove gets greasy, the cabinets gather dust and event the refrigerator starts spewing weird smells into the house when opened. Aside from these, there is always the regular cleaning. What you can do though is divide and conquer. Leave the heavy cleaning for specific days of the month like the refrigerator and stove.

Moving onto to the regular cleaning, if your kitchen is in bad shape then its now time to start thinking on how you are going to win this war fast.

Prepare all the materials that you need to start cleaning. Don’t just swing it. You’ll be wasting time unnecessarily. Gather the cleaning clothes, detergents, soap, sponges etc all in one place.

Now go get two simple baskets. One is for things that should not be present in the kitchen and the other is for things that are misplaced inside the kitchen. Fill both of them up and keep them aside for reorganizing so that you don’t get side tracked while cleaning.

Now before you do the above, make sure you have already dunked all the leftovers and placed the dirt dishes inside a sink full of hot soapy water so that they can be cleaned later by hand or in the dishwasher.

Finally, reorganize your things from the baskets and clean the sink. Then mop the floor and leave it to dry to finish off. A few other things that you can do is take out the trash. You can also reorganize you refrigerator and cabinet items. If there are any pests inside make sure you take care of them as well. No matter what, you cannot standby while knowing that your kitchen is infested.

Having a clean kitchen is not only important but also necessary. As hard as one has to work inside to pump out food, it is actually much harder to make the kitchen ready so that someone can work inside. Use these tips to clean fast and help the heart of your home beat faster.