How to organise a laundry room?

To most people, the laundry room is a catchall fro backpacks, coats, shoes, mail or anything that get dropped off at the door. However, this chore room does not have to be only an industrial pace. It can be clean and organised just like any other room in the house. Follow the below tips to keep your laundry tidy all the time.

Laundry room drying bar

Cotton shirt easily shrank. They are best removed from the dryer slightly damp then dried outside. The bat is also handy when ironing.

Contain your cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are a source of frustration in the laundry room. The best solution is to store the supplies in an open-top storage container. The caddy is ideal for wire shelves as it prevents bottles from tipping over. Next time you do not have to root around the back cabinet for a window cleaner.

Create a pet zone

Pet’s possession can take over the household. How about creating pet area in the laundry room? This will help to free up space. You can use a bed or crate and put all pet items.

Pre-sort dirty clothes in hampers

With this hampers, you can cut down the laundry time by organising dirty clothes. Three hampers will do well in sorting clothes according to their colours. Have every family member follow the system and take turns in bringing the hampers in the laundry room.

Perfect towel folding

Using a standard cutting board, you could fold towels perfectly centred. For hand towels, use a smaller cutting board.

Using adjustable laundry closet

These shelves are positioned to accommodate closet contents with little space being wasted. The two centre shelves fit stacks of folded clothes. On top, there is a small shelf which holds collapsible bags. The lowest shelve is left for other types of laundry.

Carry and wash

Have a pair of canvas bags. On is designated for laundry while the other for dry cleaning. This eliminated the need to sort later and also makes transport easier.

All in one cart

The cart is perfect for carrying supplies in small laundries. It holds all the supplies and has a wheel for mobility meaning it can be parked at any space in the house.

Schedule laundry chores regularly

How often you do laundry depends on the family needs. For a family with children, laundry is frequent while singletons can go for weeks in between washing sessions.