How not to do laundry? Learn some interesting tips

Washing clothes can turn from a chore into something easy to accomplish. Wise people learn from other people’s mistakes or their mistakes. Below are some of the laundry mistakes that a lot of people make. Ensure you aren’t doing them.

Rubbing stains furiously

Stain are beauty spoilers, and one cannot wait to wash them off. However, doing it roughly will make the situation worse especially with fabric clothes. Treat the stain soon as it becomes harder to remove as time elapses.

Using too much detergent

Detergent is meant to make the washing easy. However, if you double the amount recommended you will only waste the detergent and most likely fade your clothes. An exemption is when using hard water which needs extra soap. Check recommendation on using the detergent with hard water.

Filling the washing machine incorrectly

The procedure is paramount when using a washing machine. When washing top loader with liquid detergent, start by filing in water, the added soap and finally clothes.

Washing item with a dry clean label

Every cloth has its washing specification due to its material of make. If an item is labelled dry-clean you need to be extra cautious if you opt to hand wash. Leather, silk dupioni, suede and anything with embellishment should be strictly dry cleaned.

Washing shirt while it is buttoned up

It may seem like a shortcut, but such washing will add stress to the buttons and lead to premature poppage. The best thing is to take your item and unbutton all clothes before you toss them in the washer.

However, when it comes to zips, ensure they are closed. Failure to do so will result in damage, especially those with delicate fabrics.

Overusing bleach

Bleach seem like the best solution to stains such as sweat, blood and tears. However, think twice before you reach for it. Bleach may work on the stain but in the process do away with the cloth colour. It gets worse when you mix white clothes with clothes of other colours.

Not levelling your washing machine

You will notice vibration coming from the washing machine, an indicator that it is not levelled correctly. This destroys the floor and the machine itself. The best remedy is to add a shock absorber material e.g. wood to the base of the machine. This piece of wood should match the base of the dryer and be of the same level.

Resting your dryer rest in between wash

Some folks wait an hour after washing a single load before putting another one. The fact is running back to back loads on a dryer is efficient. It gives the advantage of retained heat from previous cycles, consuming less energy.

Not cleaning your dryer

Dry washers get clogged with time. Therefore, it is recommended that you detach the hose from the back of the washer and snake a long brush through. Also scrub the filter once in a year. Use a small toothbrush and little detergent. Rinse and air-dry the entire machine.